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Sigma 60-600mm f / 4.5-6.3 DG OS HSM Sport for Canon
The world's first zoom lens that has a zoom of up to 10x. Sigma 60-600mm f / 4.5-6.3 gives you incredible versatility with the long focal length and performance you achieve with Sigma's Global Vision Sport. With uncompromising image quality and intelligent image stabilization that provides stabilization up to 4 steps. The lens has a fast auto focus for capturing objects both close and away. This is the lens for those who require high quality, and the advantage is that you will not need to have more lenses, it holds one.
  • Incredibly versatile burner (60-600mm)
  • Intelligent Image Stabilization (OS)
  • Quick auto focus
  • High optical performance
  • weathertight
Intelligent Optical Image Stabilizer (OS)
The built-in OS system with acceleration sensor allows the lens to deliver accurate performance in up to four blender stages (according to CIPS guidelines). There are two possible OS modes, mode 1 for general shooting and mode 2 for shooting for example. motorsport and other action images that require panning. II mode two, the acceleration sensor works with OS in a way that allows you to get effective stabilization while moving the camera horizontally, vertically or diagonally regardless of position and efficiently capture moving motifs.
Quick auto focus
The HyperSonic engine provides fast and accurate auto focus so you can follow your subject throughout the image.
Lens with high optical quality

The lens has 3 FLD and 1 SLD glass that helps minimize floodlight, provide highest light transmission and provides excellent backlighting properties through reduced light loop, chromatic aberration, and focus on consistency across the entire zoom range.
Compatible with teleconverter
Sigma 60-600mm f / 4.5-6.4 DG OS HSM is compatible with both Sigma TC-1401 (84-840mm with auto focus if your camera manages auto focus over f / 8) and TC2001 (manual focus 120-1200mm f / 9-11) which allows you to achieve extreme focal lengths.
Compatible with Sigma MC-11 and USB dock

The lens is compatible with Sigma USB dock (sold separately) for firmware update and for example. car speed, etc.
Comes with
  • Sigma 60-600mm f / 4.5-6.3 DG OS HSM
  • LC-740E Lens Cover
  • SolblenderLH1144-01
  • Built-in tripod mount (not removable)
  • Bag
92 Mill Lane
LE82 4FA
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